The Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of ‘Significant Law of Treating Haze’ and Improvement Ideas

Cheng-fei WEI, Jie JIANG, Hai-yan HU


As the ‘important law of treating haze’ of the new period, while the newly revised Air Pollution Law of the People's Republic of China is effectively promoting all people to participate in battle of air pollution prevention by defining the new joint prevention and control of air pollution pattern, concretizing local supervision responsibilities and diversified appraisal mechanisms, improving the liability system of air pollution, etc., it gradually exposes many difficult problems, such as soft regulations about source treatment, improperly combing key concepts, dysfunctional joint conferences without actual effects, and failing to realize the cooperative progress of economic development and environmental protection. It is urgent to effectively improve air environment quality and realize the ecological process of economic development by building crisscross and the bidirectional mechanism of joint prevention and control of air pollution, setting up the scientific operational model involving subjects of pollution sources, building diversified disputes handling patterns, perfecting sharing scientific and technological methods of preventing and controlling air pollution, and improving the information disclose system.


Air pollution law, Significant law of treating haze, Joint prevention and control of air pollution.


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