Research on the Problems and Coping Strategies of China’s Ocean Fishing Vessel

Qing-song HU, Man WANG, Chang LIU


China is a country with large quantity of pelagic fishing vessels, however, the general competitiveness is feeble in the world. To analyze the internal cause and provide guideline for the development of the pelagic fishing technology, based on the variation of pelagic fishing vessels amount, the vessel type general power, this paper points out a series of problems confronted which comprise, 1) high energy cost occupation rate, lagging fishing mode, 2) obsolete fishing equipment, low level automation and reliability, low fishery field detection ability, 3) imperfect and too loosing standard system, weak support for the fishing industry, and so on. Three coping strategies are proposed including pushing pelagic fishing vessels upgrading, importing new technology and popularizing standard vessel equipment.


Pelagic fishing vessel, Present development situation, Fishing mode, Fishing vessel equipment, Fishing vessel standardization, Coping strategy.


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