Dynamic Analysis of Ecological Model on Typical Red Tide Algae in Bohai Bay

Yan-fen GUO, Zhi-chao JIANG, Dong-sheng HUO


In this paper, based typical red tide algae in Bohai Bay—skeletonema costatum and considering the effects of nutrient substance, light and zooplankton predation, Bohai Bay ecodynamic model is established. Using the delay as parameter, the stability and bifurcation behaviors of system are analyzed by applying stability and bifurcation theories. The critical values of delay are obtained, such that the system changes from the stable equilibrium to stable periodic solution, which confirms the periodic outburst phenomenon of red tide. At last, it carries out some effective numerical simulations under Bohai Bay red tide data, and finds the existence of periodic solutions in large scale, whose results have some reference values to the red tide formation in Bohai.


Skeletonema costatum, Delay, Stability, Hopf bifurcation.


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