Design and Implementation of a CMOS BGRV Circuit with Temperature Sensing

Min-Chin LEE, Ming-Chia HSIEH, Bo-Tor LIN


This paper proposes a bandgap reference voltage circuit (BGRV) with low temperature coefficient and independent of supply voltage for applications to low power management integrated circuits. Also by using of the temperature characteristics when the IC chip temperature exceeds the warning temperature, it will generate a high level of alert. This proposed temperature sensing CMOS BGVR circuit is design and implemented using the TSMC 0.35μm 2P4M process technology. Based on simulated and measured results, the chip size is 651× 732um2 with power dissipation about 3.172mW , and the operation temperature range form - 20°C to with temperature coefficient 10.12 ppm /  C 1.9V can stable at 1.19V . The positive TC voltage which linearly varies from 0.89V to 1.49V between -20°C and 100°C, and when the temperature exceeds the warning temperature, the output voltage of comparator is 3.3V.


Bandgap reference voltage circuit, Proportional to absolution temperature current, Temperature coefficient, Hysteresis comparator, Temperature sensing.


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