Theoretical Analysis of a High Step-up Bipolar Voltage Multiplier

Kanji Abe, Ryo Ogata, Ichirou Oota, Kei Eguchi


In previous studies, we proposed the circuit topology of the high step-up bipolar voltage multiplier using level shift drivers for non-thermal food processing and demonstrated the proposed voltage multiplier by the experiments. Unlike a common high voltage multiplier, the proposed voltage multiplier can generate a high voltage at high speed with the small number of circuit components owing to its bipolar structure. In this paper, to clarify the detailed characteristics of the proposed voltage multiplier, theoretical analysis using a four-terminal equivalent circuit and simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis (SPICE) simulations are performed. The theoretical analysis shows the power efficiency and the output voltage as a handy theoretical equations. The validity of the theoretical results is confirmed by comparing with simulated results.


Cockcroft-Walton multipliers, High voltage multipliers, High speed multipliers, Non-thermal food processing, Bipolar step-up voltage multipliers.


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