Bi-level Multi-objective Environmental Economic Dispatch with Wind Farm

Da-cheng XING, Chao PAN, Qiang-yu LV, Ben-shuang QIN


A bi-level multi-objective environmental economic dispatch model with wind farms is established based on decomposition coordination principle and users’ side resources. Considering the level of system load and users’ satisfaction degree, a multi-objective optimization mathematical model was established to determine fitting load of the system and time sharing price. Considering the randomness of wind power output, a multi-objective environmental economic dispatch model is established to determine the generation plan. A hybrid universal gravitation algorithm and tabu search algorithm is proposed to solve the model. The optimal scheduling scheme is determined by the method of approximate ideal solution based on entropy weight. Simulation results show that: Considering the influence of resources of source side in the scheduling process not only can improve load level of the system operation, the satisfaction of using electricity and absorptive capacity of wind power, but also can effectively in reduce the generation costs and pollution emissions.


TOU price, Wind power, Economic emission dispatch, Bi-level optimization, Multi-objective optimal dispatch.


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