Study on Mechanism of Concentrated Leakage Accesses Formed Due to Current Scouring in Weak Structure Plane

He-xin YE, Xiao-jun WANG, Yi-mei YUAN


Weak structure plane is high in plasticity and low in strength, which provides the necessary condition for deforming rock mass and forming concentrated leakage accesses and seepage failure under the effect of groundwater in the long term. Seepage stability of weak structure plane has always been an important engineering geological and hydrogeological problem of water conservancy and hydropower project. At present, their understanding of the mechanism of seepage failure still exist many unsolved problems. Since they rarely studied the concentrated leakage accesses formed due to the weak structure of bedrock before, this article will discuss seepage and deformation problems in weak structure plane. It mainly discusses the current scouring development mechanism of weak structure plane and critical flow velocity and corresponding fissure width when soil particles start at different positions. Finally, it introduces living examples like concentrated leakage accesses formed due to weak structure plane, which means weak structure planes of bedrock can form concentrated leakage accesses under appropriate geological conditions.


Weak structure plane, Concentrated leakage access, Dam.


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