Different Composite Materials for Supercapacitor Electrodes–A Review

Tian-hao WU


The main aim of this paper is to introduce several composite materials that work as electrode materials of supercapacitors. For each kind of material, this paper analyses its internal physical structure and electrochemical properties. Meanwhile, the paper cites some precious reference and experiments to indicate the progress of some materials and the achievements that have been obtained in the field of supercapacitor materials. Conclusion shows that the graphene based carbon materials usually help to improve the specific capacitance of supercapacitor. As for metal oxide materials, although lack stability compared to carbon materials, they can sometimes provide longer cycling property especially. At present, there is a tendency to study double metal oxide for its excellent electrochemical properties and moderate price. In the end, tips on improving the capability of composite materials and future research directions are also presented in detail in order to provide reference for the research field.


Supercapacitor, Electrode material, Conducting polymer material, Double metal oxide.


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