Experiments of Load Effects on the NOx Emission Characteristics of an Euro VI Heavy Duty Vehicle

Hua ZHOU, Feng-bin WANG, Yong GUO, Tie-qiang FU, Jun-hui XU, Yi-long SUN


Load experiment (0%, 50%, 100% load) was carried out on a heavy duty diesel engine vehicle which meet EU/VI exhaust emission standard and the vehicle was drove on the heavy chassis dynamometer based on C-WTVC cycle. During the test period, the NO, NO2, N2O on the exhaust were analyzed by sophisticated measuring equipment. The results show that the NOx emission value on all 3 loads satisfy the EU/VI standard. As load rise up, the concentration of NO, NO2 before/after Selective Catalytic Reduction system increase too. The NOx conversion efficiency under the 3 loads are 89%, 92%, 92% respectively. While the NO2 concentration under the whole test cycle is low, the maximum can up to 19.5ppm under full load condition. The N2O concentration was effected by exhaust temperature and the load indirectly impacts the NO2 concentration through the temperature. The concentration of N2O is positively related to load and driving condition, the N2O concentration increases when the load and speed rise up. During the 100% full load, the NO, NO2 and N2O account of the total NOx is about 84.6%, 1.8% and 13.6% respectively.


Heavy-duty diesel vehicle, NOx, Euro VI emission standards, C-WTVC


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