Research on Emissions Characteristics of Heavy-Duty Gasoline Vehicles based on the Chassis Dynamometer

Yong GUO, Tie-qiang FU, Feng-bin WANG, Yi-long SUN


In the heavy drum based on cyclic C-WTVC, the FTP75 cycle and NEDC cycle of heavy gasoline vehicle for emission test, analysis and comparison of gasoline vehicle under different driving cycles, the pollutant emission characteristics, and to explore the adaptability of gasoline vehicle for different driving cycles, also in accordance with the C-WTVC cycle of heavy gasoline vehicles of different starting conditions of the emission test, comparative analysis of gasoline car cold and hot starting condition of pollutant emission characteristics and on the effect of load on emissions were preliminary research. The research shows that the emission of FTP75 cycle is the highest, the C-WTVC cycle HC and CO emissions are the lowest, and the NEDC cycle NOx is the lowest. C-WTVC cycles of HC and CO were 51.2% and 23.9% of the corresponding emission of FTP75, respectively, and the NEDC cycle of NOx was 9.3% of FTP75. The CO, HC and NOx of the heavy duty truck's hot start condition is less than that of the cold start, CO decreases by 20.8%, HC decreases by 50%, and NOx is reduced by 66.7%. The maximum total mass of the test vehicle CO emissions compared to the quality of the growth of 23.7%, HC growth of 30%, NOx growth of 50%.


Chassis dynamometer, Heavy duty gasoline vehicle, Emission characteristics, Cycle condition.


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