The Analysis about Influence of Pile Foundation Construction on the Near Metro Tunnel

Wen-tao TAO, Hong-ke PAN, Shen JIAN


Based on the case of the construction of a bridge connecting engineering in Wuhan, this paper aims to make simulation analysis on the viaduct abutment pile foundation construction process which is close to the metro station, and find out the influence of deformation of pile foundation construction on existing metro stations. The results show that: Bridge piles near the subway station will have some distortion, but the deformation in each direction is within the safe range. Considering the situation that No.5 Base is close to No. 1 duct, it is recommended that No.5 Base Foundation should use the protection measure of steel sheet pile enclosure construction during excavation to ensure the safety of the viaduct and bridge construction on piles near the subway tunnel.


Abutment pile foundation construction, Near metro station, Numerical simulation, Deformation.


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