An Overview Research of Pre-warning Inspection on Pollution-Flashover of Insulator on Overhead Contact Line in Electrified Railway

Zhong-guo SUN, Jing WANG


This paper investigates the technology for warning of pollution-flashover for insulator installed on overhead contact line in electrified railway. It analyzes the elements resulting in insulator pollution-flashover on overhead contact line. Measuring technique for pre-warning of insulator pollution-flashover is presented and cooperative management actions are introduced depending on status of practical application. From point of maintenance view, the paper suggests that measuring technology for pollution-flashover prediction based on leakage current would be the most feasible solution to realize online monitoring in real time way. Considering research direction on pre-warning of insulator pollution-flashover, key technical topics are listed for future discussing.


Overhead contact line, Insulator, Electrified railway, Pollution-flashover, Measure.


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