Study on Coupling Dynamics Theory and Simulation of Advance Support and Tunnel Surrounding Rock

Hui-meng ZHAO, Li-jun LUAN, Miao XIE, Zhi-xiang LIU


In order to study the dynamic coupling problem of tunnel advance support equipment and surrounding rock, the roof dynamics model based on thin plate theory is established in this paper; Advance support equipment is simplified, and the differential equations of motion of each component to establish the dynamic model of the whole; finally considering multi support conditions of advanced support roof system coupling dynamic model. The dynamic response of the coupling dynamic model under various working conditions is studied by using multi-body system dynamics simulation software RecurDyn. Through simulation we get the advance support top beam and retaining plate in dynamic response of collateral roadway conditions. The research conclusions of this paper can provide a theoretical basis for the research and design of advance support equipment in fully mechanized roadway.


Advanced support, Thin plate theory, Roof support, Surrounding rock coupling, Dynamics.


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