Numerical Simulation to Determine Design Factors V-Block of Fluid Control System for Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Lines

Chang-Woo SON, Tae-Il SEO, Ho-Seon AHN


Worldwide semi-conductor market has been growing from long time ago. Manufacturing lines of semi-conductors needs to handle several kinds of toxic gases. Especially, they have to be significantly accurately controlled in real time. This kind of toxic gas control system consists of many different kinds of part, for example, fittings, valves, tubes, filters and regulators. These parts obviously have to be precisely manufactured as well as corrosion resistant because they have to keep on controlling high pressure gases without any leakage. For this, surface machining and hardening technologies of metal block and metal gasket have to be studied. This study unfortunately depends upon various factors, for example, geometric shapes, part materials, surface hardening method and gas pressures. This study presented in the paper strongly concerned on a series of simulation processes about the differences between inlet and outlet pressures under considering several different fluid velocities, tube diameters, V-angles. In fact, it can be expected that this study will very helpful to determine important design factors as well as precisely manufacture these parts. For this, “Fluent” was used and simulation results were analyzed.


Fluid control system, Metal sealing, Surface hardening, Highly corrosive.


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