Suspension System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation Analysis

Yi-jie CHEN, Qiang-shun LEI, Xu ZHANG, Guan-hui ZHENG, Ya-feng ZHANG


A dynamic model of 7-DOF wheeled vehicles was established using the Lagrange's theorem, vibration response of vehicle body’s vertical, pitching, lateral directions and unsprung mass can be carried on simultaneously based on the model. The random road spectrums of standard road surface and typical off-road terrain were deduced separately, pavement structure analysis in time and frequency domain was also completed. Systematical dynamic programming computation was conducted using random road spectrums as input. Optimal iteration algorithms were adopted to match and optimize the elastic-damping characteristics of suspension systems, and the variation laws of suspension damping ratio under different road conditions and vehicle speeds were obtained, which provides theoretical basis for determination of hydro-pneumatic suspension composite characteristic in prototype vehicle.


Dynamics modeling, Damping, Random excitation, Power spectral density, Acceleration of vibration.


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