Non-contact Location Study of Automotive Collision Avoidance System

Hai-jun TIAN, Ting YANG, Yang-hui ZHAO


Whole design of automotive collision avoidance system is presented by this article based on pulsed flying time according to its measurement mechanism. The hardware and software on vehicles is designed with low speed and close range. The overall structure of the system is composed of laser emission module, laser receiving module and time discrimination unit, by which high precision time digital conversion chip TDC-GP22, high performance STM32 microcontroller as the main controller, SPLLL90_3 semiconductor laser diode and AD500-9 as a receiving photoelectric detector are adopted. Measurement results are read by microcontroller though SPI Interface technology then transmitted to the LCD12864 indicator until they are processed by microcontroller. Based on the driving direction of the car, repulsive force is calculated to change plan path according to range value returned by laser range, by which automotive collision avoidance and alarm problems have been solved effectively.


Pulsed flying time, High precision, Automotive collision avoidance.


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