An Improved Processing Method of Circular-Arc-Tooth-Trace Cylindrical Gear

Qiao FU, Rui TANG


Based on the analysis of arc tooth cylindrical gear forming principle and on the basis of existing processing methods, also combined with the principle of ordinary milling knife plate rotating, This paper puts forward an improved double-edged milling method of the Circular-Arc-Tooth-Trace cylindrical gear, which includes two aspects: one is the double edged sword substance milling gear, double-point tool forming tooth at a time, with the module gear form point contact transmission vice; the second is to use double tooth gear milling tool, cutting tool a tooth, the gear machining and broadsword dish of double edge milling gear transmission line contact vice. It concluded that the improved processing technology is more advanced, the method of production is more efficient.


Circular-Arc-Tooth-Trace cylindrical gear, Double-edged milling, Processing method


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