Path Planning of AGV Based on RFID Localization

Li-zong LIN, Xin-yu LIU, Shuang LIU


In the AGV system, path planning is one of the key problems. In order to improve the efficiency of the task, the paper presents a method of AGV localization and path planning aiming at the existing algorithms. The system structure of the AGV is first designed, including hardware part and software part. The AGV is then localized based on non-contact RFID in real time. The location information, speed information, communication status, video information and other information are sent to the server and monitored remotely. An improved A* algorithm is proposed to achieve real-time path planning of multi-AGV based on the traditional A* algorithm. The simulation proves that the improved A* algorithm performs more efficiently than the traditional A* algorithm, and time-consuming of the improved A* algorithm is reduced dramatically by using the proposed algorithm. Finally, the paper establishes a whole software operation platform of the AGV system, including localization, wireless control and path planning.


RFID localization, Path planning, Remote monitoring, Improved A *algorithm.


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