Basic Study on Influence Factors for Defect Repairing Cost of Apartment Building in Korea

Jun-Mo PARK, Deok-Seok SEO


Korea’s universalized housing form is mostly composed of apartment housing, in other word apartment. Defect lawsuits have increased according to the social change and demand. The most important thing among various issues on defect lawsuit is defect repairing cost. Accordingly this study reviewed the influence factors on defect lawsuit damages of defect lawsuit for apartment. It was analyzed the regression model of the number of household participated in defect lawsuit, total gross floor area and deposit has the explanatory power of appropriate level. We expect that this study would be helpful to the research of defect lawsuit damages estimation of defect lawsuit and defect repairing cost in the apartment housing of which defect repairing cost deposit is exempted.


Defect repairing cost, Apartment building, Defect lawsuit, Influence factor.


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