Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Orthogonal Analysis

Yong ZHANG, Hong-wei LIU, Jun-hong LUO, Jian-wu WANG


Through the research on the dynamic compressive strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete and comprehensive analysis of four factors: water-cement ratio, sand rate, steel fiber and steel fiber content types on kinetic properties of concrete, and further analysis of orthogonal test to find the optimal ratio of steel fiber reinforced concrete. Final conclusion: at low, medium and high strain rate, impact of SFRC dynamic compressive strength of primary and secondary factors are: sand ratio →steel fiber type → steel fiber content → water-cement ratio, water-cement ratio →steel fiber content → sand ratio→ steel fiber type, water-cement ratio →steel fiber content → steel fiber type →sand ratio. When the pressure is 0.3MPa, the optimal combination A2B3C4D4; when the air pressure is 0.35MPa, the best combination is still A2B3C4D4; when the pressure is 0.4MPa, the optimal combination is A2B3C4D3.


Fiber reinforced concrete, Dynamic impact test, Orthogonal analysis, Optimization analysis.


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