Numerical Simulation Test on Mechanical Properties of Jointed Rock Mass

Yi-sheng HUANG, Jiang-long LI, Qiang HUANG, Hao-ran LUO


In the paper, the loading test of jointed rock mass is simulated by the finite element software. The numerical simulation experiment was completed on the intact rock mass, and results are compared with the laboratory test. Results show that numerical simulation method to study mechanical characteristics of jointed rock mass is feasible. Based on numerical simulation results on jointed rock mass, four types of failure of jointed rock mass are put forward, which are rock mass loading failure, joint loading failure, shear failure and approximate shear failure. Relative the joint thickness, the joint angle has more influence for shear strength properties of jointed rock mass. The elastic modulus of jointed rock mass is greatly influenced by the joint thickness and joint angle. With the different joint thickness, the elastic modulus of jointed rock mass is basically reached the minimum value when the joint angle is 10°~25°.


Jointed rock mass, Mechanical properties, Numerical simulation test.


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