Experiment and Simulation of Explosive Compaction in Loess with #2 Rock Emulsion Explosive

Hai-chao LI, Lian-yu WEI, Chun-wei CHANG, Yan-zhu LIU


To overcome the difficulty of field experiment of explosive compaction (EC) technology for strengthening embankment of existing highway and to verify the reliability of numerical simulation, this paper took strengthening loess embankment of a highway with #2 rock emulsion explosive as an engineering background and put forward the method of combining small-scaled experiment with numerical simulation. While carrying out the experiment of EC, a finite element model of explosion in soil was built with soil parameters obtained from geotechnical experiments and other parameters. Then, ANSYS/LS-DYNA was used to proceed numerical simulation. Finally, the simulation results were compared with the results obtained by small-scaled experiment to verify the correctness of the model, material parameters and the simulation method. This paper not only verifies and ensures the reliability of numerical simulation, but also avoids the risk of field experiments on existing highway. It provides basis for taking parameters, modeling, and simulating according to the actual size of the loess embankment of existing highway to be strengthened.


Loess, Embankment, Explosive compaction (EC), Experiment, Numerical simulation


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