Security Technique Using Log Management for Big Data Environments

Joonwoo PARK, Nanju KIM, Euiin CHOI


The explosive development of the IT field, the number of structured and unstructured data is increasing in geometrical. According to this tendency, the importance of Big Data and analysis techniques has received attention. Also, using these data a number of cyber-crime has occurred. So, the security threat in many areas is a serious problem. But, Efforts about security are showing a low level relatively. Recently, Security intelligence that defined by Gartner Group has attracted attention as a new concept for the cyber threats. That is based on technology utilizing a Big Data processing, analysis technology for a variety of large data. In this paper, we are discussed about security threat and security technology. And, we proposed a new security technique that complements traditional security techniques.


Big Data security, Security threat, Security technology, Big data analysis security


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