Analysis and Modelling of System with Pulse-Width-Modulated Switching Function in Z-Domain

Branislav DOBRUCKÝ, Pavol ŠTEFANEC, Mariana BEŇOVÁ, Oleg Vyacheslavovich CHERNOYAROV


Paper deals with analysis and mathematical modelling of pulse-width-modulated impulse rectangular signals in Z-domain. These signals are widely used electrical engineering application both in signal processing also in power electronic systems. Presented approach uses direct- and inverse z-transformation for pulse-width-modulated impulse waveforms description. The main advantage of this description is that step or period of the calculation can be equal to carrier signal period, and the calculation is possible to provide directly at any step of impulse series. Theoretically derived waveforms are compared with simulation worked-out results.


Pulse-width-modulation, Z-transform, Inverse Z-transform, Modelling and simulation, Steady state operation, Dynamical state model.


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