A Highly-cost-effective Area-array Probe-unit as a Key Hardware Technology in Quality Management System for IoT Products



This paper describes the highly-cost-effective high-density area-array probe-unit which consists of four functions, “Densification,” “Fan-out (non-discontinuous),” “Connection,” and “Transformation,” designed and manufactured by our unique monolithic fabrication method, as a key hardware technology of quality management system in a production site for the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data fields. This new probe-unit provides a multiple test/monitor function with high accessibility to I/O density and a high signal integrity structure for providing test signals or collecting massive data between the semiconductors/devices and testers. And this probe-unit is widely available as a versatile interconnection system connecting directly the wafer-level fine-pitch terminals with the test/monitor terminals which is compatible with motherboard technology pitch requirements. At the same time, we have also developed the monolithic fabrication method that an entire matrix probe array with subsequent fan-out patterns and monitor terminal array was created from a single conductive film and formed only by folding like “Origami” (paper-folding). In this innovative method, massive probes and fan-out patterns were designed and manufactured significantly cheaper and faster. We have developed a 22.5-um pitch and 38000-pins-class area-array probe-unit with non-discontinuous fan-out structure without interposer substrates using the monolithic fabrication method and demonstrated the high precision probe array and high productivity.


IoT, AI, Probe-unit, Area-array, Fan-out, Electroforming, Nickel-aminosulfonateText


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