Study on Load Spectrum Extraction Method of Battery Pack Fixture Point in Frequency Domain



A method to obtain load spectrum of battery pack fixture point in frequency domain is proposed. The multi-body dynamics model of the vehicle is established, and virtual iteration is carried out with the road load spectrum collected on the proving ground test as the target signal, and the random load spectrum of the connection points between suspension system and body is obtained. The time domain signals of the connection points are converted into frequency domain signals, and random response analysis is carried out to obtain the acceleration PSD matrices of the body monitoring points and the battery pack fixture points. The PSD of monitoring point calculated by the frequency domain method is compared with the measured signal PSD. The results show that the calculated values are in good agreement with the measured values, therefore, this method is very effective to some extent. The proposed load spectrum extraction method in frequency domain also has reference value for the fatigue load spectrum extraction of other connecting parts of vehicle body.


Load spectrum, Frequency domain method, Random vibration, Virtual iteration, Battery pack.Text


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