Research on the Popularization and Application of New Energy Vehicles in China

Bo-wei ZOU, Xiao-yang WANG, Wen-feng WANG, Wen-qiang LI


The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of new energy automotive industry driven by the pure electric vehicle. The subsidies, in recent years, has become an effective tool to promote the development of new energy automotive industry, and has played a positive role in promoting. This paper expounds the current situation of China's new energy automobile industry from two aspects: the current situation of new energy production in China and the new energy automobile technology route in China. And then, one suggestion that China should adopt the combination of tax and subsidy and adopts more diversified subsidy mode policies is put forward, by comparing the subsidy policy of new energy vehicles in China and abroad. Finally, this paper analyzes the declaration of 7 batch of new energy promotion catalogue by 2017, comparing the number and trend of each batch, the proportion of different types of new energy automobile products and the trend of quantity change, which reflects the development trend of new energy vehicles in China.


New energy vehicle, Promotion directory, Policy, Subsidy


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