Research on the Functional Design of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Under Mass Customization Environment

Ning LING, Shu-hai FAN, Meng-meng REN, Xia WEI


Firstly, clarify the background of the reconfigurable manufacturing system and the axiomatic design theory, axiomatic design has two axioms including independent axiom and information axiom. This paper is based on Axiomatic Design, Using the independent axiom to the function design of the reconfigurable manufacturing system, the overall goal of three-level decomposition, each level of decomposition will list the corresponding design matrix to verify whether it meets the independence, and then summarizes the integrity of the decomposition of the design, finally, the feasibility of the design scheme is verified by an example.


Axiomatic design, Independent Axiom, Decomposing control, Reconfigurable manufacturing system


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