Research and Development on Application-oriented Database System of Barrel Finishing Process

Wei GAO, Sheng-qiang YANG, Jian-yan TIAN, Rui-bin YAN, Xin-yan ZHOU


The traditional data preservation methods of paper experimental documents or electronic documents are inefficient, the data sharing and utilization rate are also unsatisfied, resulting an inadaptation to the large number of technological data, complex data structure and fast updating speed for barrel finishing process. Therefore, based on the Browser/Server structure, the database and the database management system, as well as the application program, are designed respectively with the use of Oracle database and C# development language. A complete application-oriented database system of barrel finishing process and the standard specification of the database are developed. They can provide guidance and technical information for scientific researchers, enterprise technicians, and production site operators to choose the processing technology reasonably. As a result, the safe and convenient storage, and the sharing of finishing process data are ensured, ultimately laying a foundation for the data sharing and the intelligent selection of process parameters.


Barrel finishing process, Database, E-R model, Standard specification


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