Data Validation for Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

Jia-ju WU, Gong-liang LI, Zheng CHENG, Li-rong MENG, Yong-qi MA


The interactive electronic technical manual (IETM) is an important component of equipment integrated support informatization. The army requires that the interactive electronic technical manuals delivered by the equipment manufacturer need to comply with the relevant standards and specifications. On the basis of analyzing the standards and standards of interactive electronic technical manual, this paper puts forward IETM data model which is used XML schema. Based on the IETM data model, data validation principles are got in paper. Then this paper gives the implementation of IETM data validation software tool, and describes the application of software. The application proves that the software can support the compilation of manual data module, data exchange and verification of specifications in the process of manual delivery.


Interactive electronic technology manual, Data module, XML Schema, Data model, Data validation


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