A Novelty Half-bridge Inverter Control System Design and Control Regulation

Yu YANG, Jie-ke NI, Zhen WANG


A novelty method of pulse frequency power modulation and pulse width power modulation strategy are proposed for solving the problem of the skin effect of the load in the inductance heating mainly. A series half-bridge and inductance surface hardening is described. In the paper, established modeling for a series of half-bridge inverter circuit. An inductance heating system circuit is built through Simulink software to verify the feasibility of the complex power adjustment rules. After the circuit testing, results show that the composite power adjustment strategy can effectively achieved the control of constant power output and the load frequency tracking. Our strategy can improve the ability of adaptability and the overall performance with a certain feasibility and effectiveness.


Skin effect, Inductance surface hardening, Half-bridge series, Simulink


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