Acid-rock Reaction Affected by Temperature in Carbonate Rocks

Heng XUE, Zu-xi HUANG, Li-qiang ZHAO, He-hua WANG , Ping-li LIU, Zhi-feng LUO


The temperature is one of the potential factor to affect acidizing performance, especially for some temperature dependent diverting acids. In order to achieve a precise temperature profile in acid-rock reaction process, the dependent reaction heat model was introduced into the thermal non-equilibrium models and coupled with two-scale continuum model to obtain governing equations for describing wormholing under non-isothermal conditions. From the simulation results, a significant effluent temperature difference between the dependent reaction heat model in present work and the constant reaction heat model in available literatures was observed, especially in high injection rate and strong acid concentration, which may definitely affect wormhole patterns. During the reaction, the highest reaction temperatures are observed at the wormhole tips, which is 10 K higher than the inlet position. Finally, the simulated wormhole patterns based on our models are highly agree with the experimental results, which indicates that this models can be introduced to optimize the matrix acidizing in the carbonate reservoir.


Carbonate reservoir, Thermodynamics, Wormhole propagation, Numerical simulation


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