Linear Buckling Analysis of the Cabin Structure of the Family Refuge Chamber

Fu-qin YANG, Xin LIU, Lin-lin SUN, Jing-wei JIANG


Family refuge chamber was a thin shell structure, and it is very critical to evaluate the dynamic stability of chamber structure by the buckling analysis. Firstly the principle of buckling analysis was introduced, and according to the actual situation of family refuge chamber to established three-dimensional mathematical model. Then operated the capsule structure static analysis based on ANSYS Workbench. Lastly operated the cabin structure buckling analysis which was based on static analysis, and to predict its theoretical buckling strength, to determine its flexion site, and to calculate its critical buckling load. The results show that the strength and stability of the designed rescue capsule are all satisfied, and the research has a guiding significance for the design and optimization of family refuge chamber.


Family refuge chamber, Static analysis, Buckling analysis, Stability, ANSYS Workbench


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