Vibration and Noise Source Positioning Method of Printing Equipment Based on Transfer Path Analysis

Yi-ming WANG, Wen-cai XU, Shu-qin WU, Xin QIAO, De-shu HUANG


Excessive vibration affects the register accuracy and the noise is harmful to the operators. This paper aims at the sources and their excitation. For positioning the sources quickly, the transfer path analysis model was established, and the vibration-acoustic transfer function of printing equipment was derived by using operational transfer path analysis (OTPA). Through the comprehensively testing of vibration and noise synchronization for four-color offset printing press, a decoupling of the transfer function through singular value decomposition (SVD) of the input matrix was achieved, and furthermore vibration-acoustic contribution rate of each path to identify the main vibration & noise source was obtained. The result shows that main vibration & noise source of the printing machine is the gripper opening and closing mechanism subsystem. The conclusions can be used for vibration and noise reduction design of the printing machine.


Operational Transfer Path Analysis (OTPA), Vibration & Acoustic Source Positioning, Singular value decomposition (SVD), Printing equipment


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