The Direct Yaw Moment Control of the 6WD Skid-steering Vehicle Based on the Tire Longitudinal Forces Optimization Distribution

Ru HONG, Guang-di HU


This paper presents a process for the direct yaw moment control of the 6WD skid-steering vehicle. The design of the control system includes the calculation for the direct yaw moment of the skid-steering vehicle based on the desired speed and desired radius and the tire longitudinal forces optimization distribution. The co-simulation result between TruckSim and MATLAB/Simulink shows that this control system can not only achieve the vehicle's moving target in 6% real-time error whether at high speed(20km/h) or low speed(50km/h) but also ensure the stability of the vehicle's movement because the tire longitudinal forces optimization distribution reduces the tire load rate by 10% effectively.


Skid-steering, Direct yaw moment control, Tire longitudinal forces optimization distribution


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