A Study of Purchase Decision and Its Affecting Factors for Mobile Shopping Among Smartphone Users

Ai-Min ZHANG, Wen-Yue LIU


With the popularity of Smartphones and the improvement of shopping experience, mobile shopping has become a fashion. In the mobile terminal business market, mobile shopping is developing rapidly, and the mobile shopping has become an important supplement to the online shopping market. Whether mobile shopping will replace the PC online shopping has become a hot topic in the industry. Considering these, this research will adopt interview, questionnaires and server log files to collect data, and explore purchase decisions for mobile shopping among Smartphone users in China. We expect to find the factors affecting mobile shopping among Smartphone users and the relationship between these factors and mobile shopping decision–making model. We expect that the findings have important significance on the design of mobile purchase website and online marketing strategy making.


Mobile shopping, Smartphone users, Purchase Decision, Affecting factors

Publication Date

2016-12-02 00:00:00


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