Research on the Supply Chain Contract of Considering PDL and the Price Factor under the Quality Guarantee of the E-commerce

Xun YAO, Hui LIU, Wei-e PAN


This paper, under the e-commerce environment, studies the coordination of supply chain which involves the price factor and promised delivery lead-time (PDL). Under linear demand function, we construct the wholesale price contract and the revenue sharing contract. The research shows that under the e-commerce environment, the traditional wholesale price contract can’t achieve the supply chain coordination, but the coordination can be achieved by the revenue sharing contract in the condition that the wholesale price of suppliers equals to the cost of production. At this moment, retailer gains λ of the total revenue, and supplier gets the residue(1 − λ ).


The quality guarantee of the e-commerce, Linear demand function, PDL, The revenue sharing contract

Publication Date

2016-12-02 00:00:00


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