“Hunger Marketing” Strategy and Its Application Research—Based on Apple Products

Sheng-bing TIAN, Da CHEN


As China’s consumer market matures and consumer purchasing power has increased, more and more companies are looking for the breach of the competitive advantage, attracting consumers through the new marketing methods to get more profit and increase market share, and also to build the brand loyalty. More and more manufacturers and sellers begin to test a new way of marketing named “hunger marketing”, which have achieved great success. This article, based on Apple products “hunger marketing” strategy, analyzed the internal key reasons for the great success of Apple products marketing. And combined with the problems that enterprises faced in the process of implementation of hunger marketing, it tries to bring certain reference value when formulating reasonable marketing strategy for the enterprise, and also tries to provide a new reference for the development of its business model


Hunger Marketing, Apple Products, Brand Loyalty

Publication Date

2016-11-29 00:00:00


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