Explicitation of Reporting Verbs in Two English Translations of Luotuo Xiangzi: From the Perspective of Translator’s Style

Yu-Yu PEI, Ying-Liang LIU


Based on self-built corpora, the study explores the translator’s style of Howard Goldblatt and Lynette Shi in Luotuo Xiangzi. Through the analysis of explicit and implicit reporting verbs between the source-text and two English translations, the study finds that the two translations show the features of explication but differ in the degree and form. In general, Goldblatt’s translation shows higher degree of explication in reporting verbs. To be specific, Goldblatt prefers compound forms of reporting verbs and employs the word “say” frequently. Moreover, implicit reporting verbs are frequently replaced by explicit expressions in Goldblatt’s translation. In contrast, Shi preserves the style of the source-text by adopting more monolingual verbs and using as many implicit reporting verbs as source-text.


Translator’s style; Reporting verbs; Explication.


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