Research on the Depression Conditions and Its Influential Factors Among Old People in Rural Area

Yong-jia HE


The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of depression among elderly and identify the influential factors of geriatric depression in rural area. Participants were 537 depressed old people. The data showing that the depression percent of the participants was 24.36%, indicating a moderate level of depression. More than half of the depressed elderly are women; 94.10% of depressed elderly are in poor economic condition; 39.88% of depressed elderly people are over 80 years old. Further, the study randomly selected more than 10 rural old people in the process of investigation to do semi-structured interviews. Significant predictors for depression included the physical health, economic status and social support. Through the complex intervention system, both to broaden the channels of funding sources, rich rural elderly spiritual construction way, and with the aid of social public opinion propaganda, urging people to attach importance to the rural elderly mental health problems. Thus, a multi-level mental health care system for rural elderly is constructed.


Depression, Elderly, Rural Area, Influential Factors


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