On the Application of Low-Carbon Development Idea in College Teaching

Cheng ZHANG, Xin-xin ZHOU, Yang ZHAO


The idea of low carbon is a crucial guidance for the construction of eco-civilization and scientific development in China. As the backbone of the socialist construction, college students are supposed to actively promote low-carbon development. Based on a profound analysis of the economy, the Communist Party of China has put forward the concept of low-carbon development, which conforms to the international trend and Chinese realistic requirements for economic construction. It is of great significance in facilitating harmonious coexistence between man and nature, fostering the economic and social development and building socialist eco-civilization and so on. To build a beautiful China, colleges are required to take the initiative to teach their students to spread the idea of low-carbon development in classroom teaching, after-school activities, and social practice.


Low-Carbon Development, College Teaching, Eco-Civilization Construction


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