Literature Review on the Mode in the Combination of Medical Care and Pension

Hao-chen JIANG


In China, the elderly population is increasing rapidly and the trend of aging is becoming more and more serious, turning the pension problem into a serious problem. There is a striking imbalance between the supply and demand of social pension service system, thus changing the dual-track state of daily care and medical care, and the provision of comprehensive care is of great significance. This study combs massive relevant literatures, including classical domestic ones, and summarizes the existing problems in domestic mode of the combination of medical care and pension. The problems mainly consist of concept, policy and talent dilemma. As well, this study puts forward relevant countermeasures including strengthening the professional level of institutions, achieving innovation breakthrough and other aspects to improve the development of the combination of medical care and pension. Though attention has been paid to research recently, some limitation still exists. It is vital to make deep understanding of the problem and strengthen empirical research.


Problems, Improvement Measures, Combination of Medical Care and Pension


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