The Atlas Analysis of the Influence of Fujian Free Trade Zone in Realizing the Anticipative Effects

Qiong-e ZHENG


Based on the objective and requirements in the General Planning for China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone, 18 influence factors were determined finally by document analysis, expert interviews and questionnaire survey. By the atlas analysis and with real evidences, the core factors affecting Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone to realize the expected effect, at a macro level, mainly are the economic cooperation depth between Fujian and Taiwan, the linkage mechanism docked with the high standards and new rules, the industry chain with complementary advantages between Fujian and Taiwan, and at a micro level, mainly are the convenient trade between enterprises, reasonable tax preference for enterprises, convenient enterprise investment, the attraction of dominant goods, financial marketization, and the ability to expand the market. Moreover, the core influence factors were discussed and some policy suggestions were put forward.


Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone, Atlas Analysis, Core Influence Factors


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