Construction of Internet Financial Credit Evaluation System Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xue-yu ZHANG, Kai-ling LUO


In the past two years, with the popularization of Internet technology and mobile communication technology, the development momentum of Internet finance in China is very swift and violent. However, on the basis of the continuous innovation of Internet finance, the financial risk is extremely complex and dangerous, and the construction of the Internet financial credit evaluation system is one of the most important issues that need to be studied urgently. The paper analyzes and researches the Internet financial index design status of small and medium enterprises, using analytic hierarchy process method to construct the Internet financial credit index of small and medium-sized enterprises, which provides a new way to solve the current Internet financial credit evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and also provides a theoretical basis for the government to manage and control credit of small and medium-sized enterprises on the Internet finance.


Internet Finance, Credit Appraisal System, Analytic Hierarchy Process


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