Assessment of Food Safety Risk Communication: A Case Study of a Scenario Experiment

Jian-xun WU


The effect assessment of food safety risk communication is a kind of inspection of the effectiveness of risk communication in food safety incident, and it is also an important basis for constantly improving the mode of risk communication and the effect of risk communication. Through the scenario simulation research, the paper uses “Henan Shuanghui clenbuterol event” as a case background, using the government side, the market side and the third party as the main bodies of the assessment, using the clenbuterol harm, the process and processing mechanisms as the topics of food safety risk communication, and then evaluates the effect of risk communication from the three dimensions of arrival rate and timeliness, accuracy and adequacy, interaction and transparency. The experimental results show that the arrival rate of risk communication is the best in the event, and the interaction is the worst.


Food Safety, Risk Communication, Effect Evaluation, Shuanghui Clenbuterol Event


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