Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Contaminant Monitoring and Analysis

Hai-yuan YU, Jian-guo LIN, Tuan-tuan LIU


Computational fluid dynamics can be used to simulate the diffusion of pollutants and estimate the pollution load. So we can monitor and analysis the pollution better, then find the solution in time. In this paper, we combine the explicit difference scheme with the implicit difference scheme to solve the concentration convection-diffusion equation. The result shows that the absolute error between the numerical solutions and analytical solutions is very small. So the actual environmental problems can be simulated by Computational Fluid Dynamics numerical calculation. According to Computational Fluid Dynamics in the practical application of the environment, it has the characteristics of low cost, time saving and accurate. Therefore, the Computational Fluid Dynamics plays an important role in the pollutant analysis and monitoring.


CFD, Numerical calculation, Analysis and monitoring


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