A Switched Reluctance Motor Design Method Based on Orthogonal Experimental Design Method

Yiyi Liu


Conventional switched reluctance motor (SRM) already has the relatively complete structure design method. The classical design method (CDM) of combining structure parameters calculation and finite element motor optimization design method (FEMODM) is the most widely used for conventional. But FEMODM need to adjust structure parameters, which generally have only a restricted range of values. That leads to a huge workload, and random selection. To solve this problem, the paper proposed a new design method using orthogonal experimental design method (OEDM). The advantages of the new design method include celerity, simplicity and accuracy. Based on the new design method, a 12/12 SRG with C-shaped stators and extern rotor was designed and simulated. The results show that the new design method is feasible and suitable for such kind of motors.


A new design method; Orthogonal experimental design method; Celerity; Accuracy; SRG with C-shaped stators


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