The Research on Air Pollution Laws in Guanzhong Urban Agglomeration Based on High Frequency AQI Data

Qiu-ling HU, Zhe YANG


Based on high frequency data of AQI and contaminants, this paper makes researches including general situation of air pollution, fluctuation rules of air quality in one day and associated rules of air pollution between cities by using statistical analysis methods like the hour index of AQI and building the VAR model. The conclusions are as following: firstly, it is obvious that air pollution which often manifests as pollution of particulates has a seasonal effect and a clustering property. Secondly, different seasons have different air quality fluctuation rules in one day. However, with no consideration of the phase position diversity of graphs, intraday fluctuation rules of air quality in one season are similar to those in other seasons. Thirdly, the deterioration of air condition of one city can cause the deterioration of air condition of other cities, and the peak of this influence appears in one day generally, and the influence weakens with the increase of spatial distance.


High frequency AQI data, Guanzhong urban agglomeration, AQI hour index, VAR model, Associated rules


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