Analysis on the Preliminary Stability of Pillar Linking Adjacent Caverns under the Effect of Water Level Differences

Xiao-shan SHI, Da-an LIU, Gang LI, Tie-wu TANG, Zhi-fa YANG, Zi-qi ZHENG


This paper investigates the preliminary stability of pillar linking adjacent caverns under the effect of water level differences. By choosing homologous rocks, permeability tests and Brazilian tests in the laboratory are conducted. Then theoretical model and solutions are made. The results show that the rock permeability is extremely low. The tensile strength of the tuff in the laboratory tests is not very high, and its strength will dramatically reduce due to long-term water erosion. Under the comprehensive effect of joint and fissure, the pillar is prone to slab due to the typical lamellar structure. Especially, when the span of the pillar is narrower or the water level difference is more obvious, the pillar will become more instability. All these factors mentioned above may result in deformation even failure of the caverns. Therefore, the development of micro-crack and joint in the pillar should be monitored regularly.


Preliminary stability, Permeability, Tensile strength, Water erosion, Water level difference


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