Ageing—A New Challenge for China's Health System

Jing-Min CHENG, Teng-Fei TAN, Le YANG


China are becoming the older’s country. By 2050, more than 30% of China’s population will be older than 60 years, and more than 80 years, which will put China and China’s government into great pressure. With the largest elderly population in the world in absolute numbers, China’s government now still has not issued a systematic and complete health system or health policy for the older. The paper concerns the severe situation of Chinese demographic transition and aims to draw more attention to the rapidly increasing older in China and the need to offer more systematic health care service to the older in China. According to the current situation of the increase of China’s older, the paper advocate that the government should establish and complete the endowment insurance system, the health insurance for the older and promote the development of the third industry related to older service.


Health policy, Ageing, Health care, China, Health system


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